Dates Help Relieve Hemorrhoids

November 4, 2022 , Dates Fruit, healthy foods


Dates are warm and laxative. For this reason, dates and hemorrhoids are introduced together as medicine and pain. If you consume dates in a principled way and according to the prescription of traditional medicine, it will leave an extraordinary result in the treatment of hemorrhoids.

However, consuming a few date seeds normally will also have a therapeutic effect on hemorrhoids. However, combining it with other foods can multiply its effect; For example, combining dates with animal oil and consuming a few spoons of it during the day has an amazing effect on hemorrhoids.


Dates and hemorrhoids can be introduced as an important example of treating diseases with natural food. If we include dates as a useful food item in our daily diet. The possibility of getting hemorrhoids will be greatly reduced.

In the treatment of anal diseases, Kurma Mariami Seri kembangan and hemorrhoids should not be forgotten; Because the benefits of dates in the treatment of this disease are so diverse that they cannot be easily overlooked. The most important benefits of using dates to treat hemorrhoids are:

1: spend little money.

2: Avoiding the use of chemical drugs.

3: Intolerance of pain and discomfort in the anus area.

4: avoiding expensive and painful surgical procedures.

5: treatment at home without spending time in the doctor’s office and hospital.

Dietary fiber in dates for the treatment of hemorrhoids: what is important in relation to dates and hemorrhoids. The fiber in this fruit has a positive effect on the treatment of hemorrhoids. This fiber is a type of vegetable carbohydrate; Unlike other carbohydrates, it is not absorbed by the body. However, its consumption is necessary to regulate the proper functioning of the digestive system.

This valuable substance has important benefits and effects for the body. So that its use is recommended for all age groups. The most important benefits of dietary fiber in dates are: weight loss, regulation of cholesterol, regulation of bowel activity and movements, regulation of blood sugar.