Amazing properties of walnuts and dates

October 31, 2022 , Dates Fruit, walnuts


One of the most important recommendations for people is to eat foods that have a high nutritional value. Walnuts and dates can be effective in improving body function.

Now, why is it highly recommended to consume walnuts with dates?

Pregnant women should eat walnuts with dates

When pregnant women visit their doctors and specialists, they are given a food plan that they must use for the health of their children.

In this food plan, it is highly recommended to eat walnuts, dates, honey, dairy products, meat and vegetables.

Too much cold is not good for mother and child. Both walnuts and Borong Kurma have a warm nature and contain large amounts of vitamins and nutritious elements. Eating these two foods is highly recommended to provide high energy for the mother.

It has minerals that are rich in vitamins, calcium and magnesium and increase the body’s immune system. Using these two foods in the first months of pregnancy has an effect on the mental health and calmness of the child’s nerves.


Athletes should eat walnuts with dates

Exercising requires a lot of energy, on the other hand, this energy must be provided with food. Dates and walnuts are both energizing and effective in improving the health of the body. Be sure to eat a few walnuts with dates every morning before exercise to feel refreshed. Continue your activity fresher and more energetic.


Anemic people should eat walnuts with dates

Both walnuts and dates contain iron and are rich in vitamins and nutrients. People who suffer from anemia should try to prepare and eat an excellent concoction of dates, walnuts and figs every day.

People with sexual disabilities should eat walnuts with dates

Useful foods such as nuts, fruits and vegetables can be very effective in eliminating impotence. In many traditional medicine methods, they give the recipe to eat walnuts with dates along with a number of nutrients.

The combination of walnuts and dates is very effective in sexual health, and this is due to the presence of vitamins and nutrients, including amino acids.



Nutrition is one of the most important things in every person’s health. The body needs vitamins and a series of essential elements to continue its activity and function properly.

In this article, we talked about the unique properties of walnuts and dates that they are among the best snacks and people can include these two important compounds in their diet to increase their energy and health and improve their body’s performance.