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The use of date kernels in various industries

The applications of date kernels in various industries (from food industries to use in medical and health industries) can be analyzed in several categories. We will continue to investigate its role and application in each of these industries.



The amount of food needed to feed livestock in the world is increasing day by day. Meanwhile, date kernel as a rich and cheap source of carbohydrates has the potential to be used in this field.

Based on the research and studies conducted in this direction, by adding date kernels to the diet of ruminants (up to 75%), it confirms the improvement of growth and the increase of growth hormone levels in ruminants.


Date kernel in food industry


Based on physico-chemistry, it has been determined that date kernel is a suitable source for extracting fiber and using it in the food industry.


In laboratory tests:

To prepare fiber from date kernel, Shokrallahi et al. ate the kernel and defatted it. Based on the obtained results, the extracted fiber was a significant amount compared to the fiber obtained from other agricultural wastes.


Tadini et al investigated the isolation of polysaccharides from date kernels and showed that the characteristics of the obtained polysaccharides are unique. The ability to absorb fat and retain water was remarkable and showed good antioxidant activity.


Majzoubi et al investigated the properties of adding date palm kernel powder in the biscuit formula and based on the results of this research, its powder led to an increase in the softness of the dough texture and an increase in the density of the biscuit and led to the production of a product with more fiber and quality. It was better than regular biscuits.


The high nutritional value of the fiber in it has led to the production of fiber-based foods such as bread, biscuits, sweets and food supplements.


Adding a small amount of date powder in the formulation of bread production has strengthened the firmness of the texture and increased its porosity. Also, bread has been produced from date kernel powder, which has more dietary fiber than soybean bread.