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November 24, 2022 , Dates Fruit, healthy foods

It is possible to plant date kernels in all parts of the country. These kernels are very hard, so to plant them, it is better to make preparations and follow the principles so that the seeds germinate and grow as quickly as possible. It is interesting to know that the date palm is cultivated not only as a palm species with edible fruits but also as an outdoor ornamental plant and has many fans. Since most of the ornamental palms are kept in greenhouses and houses outside of their native environment and will suffer from burns or frostbite in the open air, the date palm is the best option to replace these ornamental palms in the open air. The possibility of producing wide and long leaves, the high endurance of this palm and also the lack of water are three important factors in choosing this palm for ornamental purposes.

Remember, if you plan to plant date kernels to produce ornamental palms, the type of date variety is not very important, but if you plan to plant date kernels to produce a specific variety, you must use quality date kernels and well-known cultivars. So, if you want to grow your own date palm with your own hands, collect and keep its core after eating sweet and delicious dates. Planted dates will be mostly used for outdoor because they need direct sunlight and they like open air, although they may be kept indoors for a long time, but their growth and freshness will definitely decrease in the long run and they will be able to produce stems. And there will be no new leaves.


To plant date kernels, after separating the kernels and collecting them as desired, you should pour the kernels in a container of water so that the water level is a few centimeters higher than the surface of the total kernels. Then change the water in this container every day for 10 to 12 days and pour new water every day. After this time, choose a thick fabric that has the ability to absorb water and wet it so that it absorbs a little water.


Drain the water from the kernels that you soaked, wash the kernels and put them in this wet towel so that they are completely covered. After that, put all the napkins and seeds in a nylon bag. For ease of work, you can use zipped nylon bags. After this step, if there is excess water collected in the nylon, empty it and close the lid of the bag.





Put the bag in the house and in a bright place. Considering that heat is necessary to some extent for the germination of date kernels, you can put the nylon next to a bright window so that more heat can reach it. After this, open the nylon door every day and if the moisture of the nylon decreases, spray or sprinkle a little water on it, but only to the extent that the only permanent moisture is with the seeds. Avoid accumulation of water in the bag because it will cause the buds to rot. Do this for two weeks and soon you will see thick white roots coming out of the kernels.


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Whenever these roots come out and grow at least two or three centimeters or even bigger, you can take out the seed and plant it in a pot containing garden soil, then water it and leave it in a place with a few hours of sunlight a day. After a month, leaves will sprout from the soil. It comes out. In this way, date palm kernel planting has been done successfully. If the other seeds have not yet sprouted, do not remove them from the nylon and give them time to take root again. You can check daily and transplant the cores that produced longer roots into the soil.