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November 15, 2022 , Dates Fruit, healthy foods

Properties of date kernel powder for the heart

We said that consuming pomegranate juice and pitted dates is very effective in reducing the risk of heart attack. The date kernel, which is ground and turned into date kernel powder and paste, increases the effect of this combination far more. Experiments on mice have shown that the triple combination of pomegranate, dates and date kernels has the greatest effect in preventing atherosclerosis (clogged heart vessels) and lowers the oxidative stress in the artery wall to 33%. This combination also reduces the cholesterol in the artery to 28%.


You can consume date kernels in powder form or brew and drink it to help your heart health.




How to powder date kernels




How to powder date kernels?!

To prepare date kernel powder, you must go through the following steps:


1- First, we have to soak date kernels in water for 15 days.


2-Then we leave the date kernels in the open air for 1 to 2 hours to dry.


3- Now we fry the date kernels on heat until they become crispy and brittle.


4- When the date kernels are crunchy, they are ground and date kernel powder is obtained.




Disadvantages of date kernels




Disadvantages of date kernels

The harm of dates occurs when you overdo it and for example eat 10 or more dates per day, people with sensitive pancreas and those with diabetes in their family should use less date kernels. The nature of date coffee is hot and it causes sensitivity and acne in people who have a hot temper.


Also, the consumption of date kernel powder and date kernel tea causes allergies in some people and may cause itching and reddening of the skin, etc.