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November 22, 2022 , Dates Fruit, healthy foods

Each date kernel contains on average 81-83% carbohydrates, 10.19-67.12% palm kernel oil, 5-3.6% protein.








10/19 – 12/67%






The analysis of minerals in date kernels indicates the presence of significant amounts of potassium, phosphorus, calcium and sodium. Of course, other minerals such as iron, manganese, zinc and copper are also present in date kernels. The presence of a small amount of phytic acid in date kernels is also an advantage over cereal bran.


Physicochemical characteristics of date kernel


Water Binding Capacity 500%

Oil absorption capacity: 400%

Phytic acid test: negative (very little)

pH: 6.5-7

Gluten: negative

The properties of date kernels, from beauty to treatment of diseases

The properties of date kernel and its derivatives (such as date kernel coffee, date kernel oil, date kernel powder) have amazing properties. In Islamic and traditional medicine, it is used to prevent and protect the body against many diseases.


It is useful in the treatment and control of diabetes.

Date kernel powder (especially date kernel coffee brew) is very useful for controlling blood sugar and diabetes. This extraordinary powder has the property of producing and increasing insulin and is effective in reducing blood sugar. For people with diabetes and high blood sugar, it is recommended to drink coffee brewed from palm kernels on a daily basis.


Skin and hair health

Date kernel oil is very useful for health and freshness of skin and hair and prevents premature graying of hair. There have been many studies and researches about the therapeutic properties of palm kernel oil, which we will discuss specifically in another article about its properties and how to use it.


Lower blood pressure and blood lipids

The high fiber content in date kernels reduces lipoproteins in the blood and thus controls and reduces blood pressure and blood fat.


Strengthening the immune system and improving the functioning of the nervous system

Date seeds have appropriate amounts of minerals (such as zinc, zinc, calcium, potassium, sodium, and sodium), which improve the function of the immune and nervous systems.


Improving food digestion and the efficiency of the digestive system

Kabkab dates and date kernels have a significant amount of dietary fiber and are useful in facilitating food digestion. On the other hand, palm kernel coffee is effective in treating gastrointestinal disorders, especially chronic diarrhea, and acts as a strong disinfectant and destroys harmful bacteria entering the digestive system.


Prevention of kidney stones and liver damage

Date kernel contains several medicinal compounds, one of which acts like corticosteroids and is used to treat kidney and bladder disorders, inflammation and infectious diseases. Derivatives of this amazing seed have crushing properties and help to break and crush kidney stones. Date seeds are full of proanthocyanidins that help you prevent liver and kidney damage and protect against liver toxicity. This hepatoprotective effect may be attributed to antioxidant activity and inhibition of free radicals.


Daily consumption of date seed derivatives is useful in preventing kidney stones and improving kidney function.


Has high amounts of antioxidants

Date kernels are a rich source of antioxidants that have a potential role in inhibiting free radicals in the body, preventing cancer and preventing DNA damage.

Researches and studies conducted in this field indicate that Iranian date seeds have a surprising percentage of antioxidants compared to other date seeds.

Antioxidant properties are one of the most important properties of Iranian date kernels.