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October 30, 2022 , Dates Fruit, healthy foods

‍Date juice for hair loss

The reason why date juice is useful for hair loss can be considered as follows:


Date juice is a product rich in protein

As you know, hair needs different substances for health and proper growth, and one of these substances is proteins. Due to the fact that date juice is a substance rich in protein


By using it, you can provide the protein needed for hair and provide it to the hair.


Date juice is a product rich in vitamins

Date juice is a rich source of vitamins A, C, B, K, etc., and the presence of these vitamins can meet the hair’s need for vitamins. Because vitamin C, B and A are among the most important vitamins needed for hair, in case of deficiency of these vitamins in the body, hair will suffer and hair loss will result.


It should be noted that date juice, in addition to the mentioned vitamins, also has a large amount of other vitamins, which if consumed naturally and put it in the list of other daily foods to provide all kinds of vitamins Need for the body, you will not need to take multivitamin syrup or multivitamin tablets.


Increases blood circulation

Increasing blood circulation can be effective in preventing hair loss because when the blood circulation in the body increases, the substances in the blood reach the scalp in a better way and the hair’s needs are met. In addition, by increasing blood circulation, hair follicles are strengthened and their growth increases.


hair loss prevention

Due to the fact that date juice increases blood circulation and supplies the necessary substances for hair, hair loss is definitely prevented. Because the increase in blood circulation not only supplies the materials needed for the hair, but also increases the supply of oxygen to the hair, which can prevent hair loss by providing the oxygen needed for the hair.