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October 24, 2022 , Dates Fruit, healthy foods

Dates are good for diabetes

Dates are good for diabetes. According to NBC News, dates are a great choice for someone with diabetes because they can help control blood sugar and have a low glycemic index.


Dates for diabetes


Are dates harmful for diabetes?

no According to the explanations we gave, dates are useful for diabetes and do not cause any harm. But notice that most of the nutrients in dates are sugar. People who are trying to manage their blood sugar, such as those with diabetes, should consume dates in moderation.


Do dates raise blood sugar?

In terms of weight index, dates contain 80% sugar, but this amount is much higher than other foods such as jelly. However, the amount of sugar in dates has no harmful effect on the blood sugar level of patients.

Eating dates in moderation is unlikely to raise a person’s blood sugar too much, even if the person has diabetes. According to a study, dates contain a low glycemic index, which does not lead to a significant increase in blood sugar in people with or without diabetes. Although the researchers had a small sample, their findings indicate that eating dates in moderation should not have a significant effect on a person’s blood sugar.


How much sugar is in dates?

Dates are one of the most common foods that people can find in supermarkets. Next, we will check the amount of sugar in dates.


Below is the nutrient content of one medium-sized date:


Date sugar: 4.5 grams

Calories: 20

Total fat: 0.03 grams

Total carbohydrates: 33.5 grams

Dietary fiber: 0.6 grams

Protein: 0.17 grams

Vitamin B6: 0.012 mg

Iron: 0.07 mg

Magnesium: 3 mg

Potassium: 47 mg

Properties of dates for diabetics

Properties of dates for diabetics


In the following, we briefly examine the properties of dates for diabetics:


  1. It has a low and useful glycemic index (GI).

The higher the glycemic index, the greater the risk of high blood sugar. For this reason, diabetic patients are told to eat foods that have a lower GI index. This is why dates are recommended for diabetics because they contain a very healthy GI index. Studies have shown that different types of dates have different GI indices that range from 35 to 55.


  1. Type of palm sugar

The type of date sugar is glucose and fructose. In the early stages of maturity, dates contain a lot of sucrose. With further growth, sucrose is broken down into glucose and fructose.


Glucose and fructose are the simplest forms of sugars in our body that provide instant energy. Therefore, if a diabetic patient eats a few dates during the day or during work, it will increase energy and endurance immediately. This is why dates are widely used around the world to break the fast during the holy month of Ramadan.


  1. Fat-free, nutritious and sweet

Dates are an excellent source of nutrition. Dates are very low in fat, free of cholesterol and contain large amounts of essential nutrients such as vitamin B complex, vitamin A, iron, calcium, copper, sodium, potassium and magnesium.


Another important element in dates is selenium, which improves the body’s immune function and prevents cancer. Because of all these amazing properties, dates are said to have the potential to become one of the best foods for the future.


  1. Contains dietary fiber

Apart from having high amounts of energy and carbohydrates, dates are very rich in dietary fiber. A study has shown that about 100 grams of dates have approximately 8 grams of fiber. Studies show how dates can prevent colon cancer even without changing the microbiota.